Changing Perspective

Changing Perspective

I have a year and 3-month-old son. Some days he’s just a hellion. I mean, I love him, yes, but he is just draining. This only is about 10% of the time, the majority, he’s a fantastic kid. On Monday, he was in that 10%. And I was already having an off day. My own […]

Recent TED Talks

People Jumping in Beach

I’ve been on a kick listening to TED Talks, as background noise while I’m working. One actually made me stop and listen. One of the things I’ve noticed with my circle of friends, clients, acquaintances, family is that everyone is SO busy. As a society, we’ve embraced this mentality that being busy equates to being […]

Top Asked Questions of 2019 Tax Season

Frequently Asked Questions

I kept a list of questions I got asked the most during the 2019 tax season, and while most were about the new tax laws, a few stood out that I wanted to address here: Why are my state taxes limited to $10,000? With the passing of the new tax laws, the SALT taxes are […]