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Recent TED Talks

I’ve been on a kick listening to TED Talks, as background noise while I’m working. One actually made me stop and listen. One of the things I’ve noticed with my circle of friends, clients, acquaintances, family is that everyone is SO busy. As a society, we’ve embraced this mentality that being busy equates to being productive, important, and better, while taking the time to rest, play is seen as being lazy. (Of course there is a balance to everything, obviously not doing anything productive is definitely lazy). Why is it so wrong now to take time for yourself? Why is the first question we ask when first meeting someone: “What do you do”? 

I feel like being busy has become a crutch for living life. I love my job, but doing taxes doesn’t define who I am. I am also a wife, a mother, a swimmer, a reader, and that list goes on! If any of my wonderful readers would like to watch that TED Talk that prompted this, it’s here:

And if any of you would like to connect on a more personal level, I’m always looking for someone to swim with me! 😀